30 Jun 2014, 15:07

Financial institutions (including insurance) are highly vulnerable to the threat of three (3) major types of risk, namely the risk of industry, business risk and financial risk. Each insurance company must be able to withstand the threat of such risks.

For the benefit of the shareholders, stakeholders, and (especially) the customer, the management of PT. Bangun Asuransi Askrida (Askrida) always wants the company to have the best performance in every major factors of success (key success factors). The main factors are, among other positions in the company's market, a range of enterprise network to seize market share, fund investment strategies, diversification of products, management and corporate strategy, capital, liquidity, financial flexibility, etc.. To ensure the success of the entire major factor in the best condition, the management Askrida began cooperating with the rating agencies (rating) is renowned, reliable and have a reputation that is recognized nationally and internationally.

In 2002, Askrida with PT. Moody's Indonesia to evaluate and rank (rating) for Askrida. Moody's is the world's leading rating agency headquartered in New York with nearly 100 years of experience. In the period 2002-2006, Askrida continually in the group of investment grade and ranks (stable outlook). Increasing the company's performance is excellent, making Askrida ranking rose to (stable outlook) in 2008.

With a view to improve the accuracy and precision analysis of the company in terms of financial capability, financial stability, and the stability of the company to the next level of service to customers and others, then starting in 2009 Askrida cooperation with PT. Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (PEFINDO) as an agency. In carrying out its functions, PEFINDO adopt the methodology and obtain full technical support from the most credible agencies in the world with more than 150 years: Standard and Poor's (S & P).

Since 2009 until today, ranking Askrida always showed an increase as follows:

- Year 2009 - 2010: BBB + (triple B plus); stable outlook

- In 2011 - 2012: idA-(single A minus); stable outlook

- Year 2012 - 2013: id A (single A); stable outlook

- Year 2013 - 2014: id A (single A); stable outlook

- Year 2014 - 2015: idA + (single A plus); stable outlook

- Year 2015 - 2016 : idA+ (single A plus) ; stable outlook

- Year 2017 - 2018 : idA+ (single A plus) ; stable outlook

- Year 2018 - 2019 : idA+ (single A plus) ; stable outlook

IdA + (single A plus); The stable outlook indicates that Askrida is now a company that has the financial security strong relative to other insurance companies in Indonesia. The plus sign (+) indicates that relatively strong and Askrida ranked above average in the relevant category.