Burglary Insurance

13 Jul 2014, 16:45

Description: Taking the Premises forced property of a person who has the rights, implicitly or explicitly, the above property.

Wide Guarantee: Do not exceed the sum of each individual object or the total sum insured for the whole.

I. Loss of or damage to
1. Machine amusement games or machines operated by coins or tokens.
2. Bills, bonds, coins, feathers, medallions money, letter of debt agreement, any stamps, works of art.
3. Busnis book, deed, design, document images, scripts, models, molds, patterns and rancanga.
4. The computer recording system.
5. Wines, cigars, alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes.
6. External glazing other than ordinary glass sheet except khusu mentioned in the overview or endorsement of this policy.

II. Loss or damage as a consequence
1. The Fire
2. Explosion (except for the use of explosives by thieves and explosion risk is expressed as the uninsured.