Credit Insurence

08 Jul 2014, 14:34

Description : Insurance that provides coverage to the lender for the risk of loss or losses due to default committed / experienced by debtor (bad debts).

Extensive collateral:
1. Ensure risk for 24 hours if the participant dies or experienced events anywhere in the world.
2. Ensure risk Termination (termination).
3. Ensuring Delivery Time Replacement risk (PAW), which ensure the dismissal of members of the House? Parliament being found guilty by a court legally enforceable for violating a criminal act.
4. Ensure risk of bad debts experience of Default if the Borrower for the loan and the loan granted by the Bank declared jammed.

1. Suicide
2. Condemned to death court of competent jurisdiction.
3. Involved in a fight and someone who was not in self-defense.
4. Accident everything except non-commercial flight flying because of the risk of accidents in the work.
5. Act of evil that was done on purpose by those with an interest in this policy or by their heirs.
6. Deliberately engaging in persecution, acts of violence, insurrection, riot, rioting or acts of terror.
7. Natural disasters.
8. Chronic diseases have for years suffered by ccatan hospital.