03 Jul 2014, 11:00

Description: Covers loss, damage and liability of the goods and the common interests of the insured or in the sea.

Extensive collateral

Loss or damage to the insured goods are reasonably attributable to:
1. Fires or explosions
2. Ship ran aground, stranded, sunk or reversed.
3. Conveyance land, collision or impact, upside down or derail.
4. Collision ship by ship, ship collisions or collisions with other objects except water.
5. Demolition of goods at the port of emergency.
6. Earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption or lightning strikes.


This coverage does not guarantee:
1. Due to errors made intentionally by the insured.
2. Leakage reasonable, reduced weight, volume reasonable or fair wear and tear.
3. Not memanadinya wrapping or preparation of the goods in [ertanggungakan.
4. Losses resulting from the item itself or the nature of the goods insured.
5. Main cause is the delay, although keterlabatan it because of the risk insured.
6. Damages arising from the failure kauangan owner, manager, tenant, or operator of the vessel.
7. Losses arising from the use of weapons of war using atomic energy or nuclear fission and or fusion or other reaction force weapon or radioactive materials.
8. Loss of insured goods container or box car seal or lock in good shape or not faulty.

Extended warranties
Dependant extended to indemnify the insured over the loss which it is responsible in accordance with the agreement in this case the transport of ship collision with the vessel and both guilty.

Own risk
If the claims arise from the ship owner, the insured shall memeritahukan to the insurer, and the insured has the right to defend against such claims.