13 Jul 2014, 15:16

Definition : Travel Insurance is insurance to cover the losses incurred to the insured during travel both domestically and abroad in a given period of time.

Risks are guaranteed

1. Deaths and permanent disability
2. Accidental Death addition (Special Type of Domestic Travel)
3. Medical costs
4. Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
5. Repatriation of bodies
6. Visit relatives (a special type of international travel)
7. Babysitting (types International trips)
8. Compensation daily hospital (special type of international travel)
9. Loss of baggage and personal items
10. Compensation money tunasi (special type of international travel)
11. Delayed baggage (a special type of international travel)
12. Law liability to third parties (a special type of international travel)
13. Loss of deposit or cancellation of trip
14. Reduction trip (special type of trip, international)
15. Loss of travel documents (a special type of international travel)
16. Delays flight and missed a connecting flight (special type of international travel)
17. Piracy (a special type of international travel)


1. The War, revolution, government regulations.
2. Terrorism and sabotage.
3. Any attempt suicide or self-inflicted wounding.
4. Influence of nuclear or other radioactive material.
5. Insured Participation in criminal or unlawful acts.
6. Venereal disease, AIDS or AIDS-related illnesses.
7. Alcohol and drug abuse.
8. Disease Any condition which has suffered previous (pre-existing conditions).
9. Sports and activities that are professional and dangerous as racing (except racing run).
10. Trip specifically to receive medical treatment.
11. Injuries caused by participation in the war or rebellion.
12. Act of unlawful acts committed by the insured.
13. Experiment suicide, intentionally injuring themselves.
14. Incident involving the use of drugs unless prescribed by a doctor.
15. Transfer of Insured from one medical facility to another medical facility.
16. Mild disease that can be treated by a local doctor and do not preclude the insured to continue the journey or return home
17. Pregnancy with a period of more than 6 months.
18. Mental or nervous disorders unless hospitalized.

Collateral type

Gold: Death Jamianan up to Rp 100.000.000, -
Silver: Jamianan Death to Rp 50.000.000, -

Platinum: Warranty personal accident up to U.S. $ 100,000
Gold: Warranty personal accident up to U.S. $ 50,000
Silver: Warranty personal accident up to U.S. $ 25,000
Bronze: Warranty personal accident up to U.S. $ 10,000